Breaking news: DieselPower is once again in the forefront of technology offering tuning solutions for the 2009-2015 VW/Audi 2.0 TDI.

The latest DieselPower Active Injection Control Module is now available for your VW/Audi 2.0 engine.  With the plug and play wiring harness the Active system was designed for ease of install.  The module simply connects inline with the four fuel injector connectors to change injection timing and duration which safely and reliably increases torque by 50lb/ft without the hassle of butchering your prized possession to remove your ECU to send for programming.


More Horsepower, Tougher Torque, Increased Fuel Efficiency, and an Overall More Exilarating  Driving Experience...We are here to put the fun into your ride!

For over 23 years our electronics have given European diesel drivers more Horsepower, tougher Torque, increased Fuel Efficiency and a better driving experience. 

Diesel Power Electronics direct from Germany. Providing safe, reliable power and fuel efficiency for your diesel engine since 1991.

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Diesel Power Tuning Module Configurator

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Modules increase horsepower and torque while increasing fuel efficiency.
Our modules are designed for tractors equipped with common
rail injection systems.
Coaches or motorhomes will enjoy 25% more torque and horsepower.
We welcome distributor enquiries from serious automotive professionals.

Experience the Power and Benefit from the Fuel Savings.

DieselPower® is one of the most popular modifications for diesel vehicles in North America. With the DieselPower® module installed, your diesel car, truck, Coach or motorhome will enjoy upwards of 25% more torque and horsepower.

Owners of coaches with the 8.3 and 8.9 Cummins engines have been reporting improvements in fuel economy from 1.5 to 2 MPG with the addition of the DieselPower CRTV module installed. The module is a simple install and comes complete with a plug and play wiring harness so that no permanent modifications are made to the factory wiring harness.

DieselPower® modules were designed to increase overall horsepower and torque while still maintaining or increasing your fuel efficiency. Modules come complete with the plug and play wiring harness, which plugs directly into the factory style connectors without any damage or tell-tale signs. Our modules were designed with extreme care so that all engine safety measures are still in place. Under normal operating conditions these units will NOT trip the check engine light.